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Thread: Request an OotS Style Avatar XXI

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cranthis View Post
    (who is now my characters cohort)
    gave me an idea

    scratch the dragon, make him standing back to back with his girlfriend (later wife). Human female ninja/sorceress dual wielding flaming Katars (punching daggers). Standard black ninja attire without mask. Caucasian with long black hair. she looks like she isn't at full hp

    (for those that are too lazy too look up my old one)

    Full Plate (platinum/silver) with a Bastard Sword and a battle standard (platinum/silver with dark green trim)
    scar across right eye, not a full hp
    Black, combed
    Marshal/Platinum Knight (marshal- practically a commander. platinum knight- kinda like paladins without a code and focus on dragons)
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