OOC: I guess we should ask what we see as we go back to the outpost.

Then I approach Ismark Greetings. We haven't had the pleasure of introducing ourselves but now is not the time. I hand him the chemist set and possessions from the lightbringers. These belonged to the lightbringers and now to Ashlyn. Keep them safe. The chemist set is of interest to us. Keep it safe as well. We go to the burgomaster's house in search of his daughter who has barricaded herself inside. As for the undead, it is still unclear. For the time being, maintain the status quo. We do not want rash decision making while the situation is not understood in its entirety. Please excuse me for a moment. I must confer with my comrades before answering any further questions.

I then turn to the rest of the party, walking out of earshot of Ismark and anyone else. If Ashlyn is not here, I for one to do trust Danovich in the hands of anyone in the outpost; not because of malevolence but simply incompetence. I feel we should wait for her to return or leave someone behind to ensure he does not die or escape.