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    Default Re: [MLP] Roleplaying is Magic: The Broken Road.

    Quote Originally Posted by One Tin Soldier View Post
    Well my thoughts were more that Mechanic is her Job, which represents a broader knowledge base than her Repair skill, which is more focused. They're both at 4, so which one applies only matters if they both do, which would mean getting +8 instead of +4.

    But hey, if you think Repair would apply to building things, I'd be happy with that.
    Heh, well it's a good point, and was one of the arguments I had with myself on Amish/Cork's question earlier was about the scope of Job vs Skill.

    In the end I let both apply because it was hard to justify separating Painter from Painting. I think carrying repair forward to making entirely new things might be a bit too much of a stretch, but I do want to be consistent in the treatment between PC's

    Ok, how about this. If you think you need to fudge/stretch a stat, then the general answer is yes for jobs and no for skills unless you can come up with a decent argument as to why both apply, bearing in mind that the skill narrowly focused?

    This would make the answer earlier to Cork a Yes for Job and No for Skill on the grounds that the 'painting' skill simply refers to his ability with the brush. That sound fair?

    Quote Originally Posted by Balmas View Post
    I'm considering buying a new skill to better allow Dive Bomb to care for injured ponies. Probably be something along the lines of Field Medicine, which would involve triage and immediate care of wounds like sprains or cuts. So while Pharmaceutical medicine would involve more diagnosing a disease and making a medicine to help fight it, Field medicine is more of a field hospital kind of thing.
    That's fine. If DB helps nurse the Ambassador a bit, that will be sufficient practice to justify the XP spend narratively.