"Looks like it. See ya." Sedrach leaves; he was getting sidetracked by problems, and decided he would have to do the thing this night, Silence spell or not. He spends the day once again trying to learn a bit more about the spy story, and come nightfall, he stalks South Market, intent on ambushing a watchman.

Really want to get this thing started. If I die, I die, can't be helped

couple GIs, each in a different district. Stop when it's dark.
Oldtown (1d20+13)[30] (1d4+1)[3]
Temple (1d20+13)[22] (1d4+1)[3]
Guildsman (1d20+13)[29] (1d4+1)[4]
Midtown (1d20+13)[17] (1d4+1)[2]
Anything I can learn about the spies from the Empire rumor.

I think you said minor purchases can be done off-screen... I'd like to get a martial script each of Burning Blade and Distracting Ember.