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Thread: Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

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    I nod towards the figure, but stay with the party heading back to the town square

    When Revan is distracted, Myrddin pull's Ryan aside and quickly scratch into the dirt. Now.. is.. good.. chance.. for.. me.. to.. find.. minions.. keep.. eye.. on.. Revan.. keep.. him.. off.. me.. and quickly scratches it out

    At the town square when Revan is done talking to Ismark, after hearing Ismark's remarks Myrddin scratches into the dirt impatiently. Don't.. have.. time.. to.. babysit.. people.. need.. to.. find.. those.. monsters.. NOW.. before.. people.. leave.. here.. Can't.. contain.. news.. for.. long.. You.. go.. to.. meisters.. I.. hunt.. monsters.. Agree?
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