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Actually typically anything created outside of energy was generally considered conjuration whereas bringing an already created thing to you was summoning though both were under the same school. One odd thing was that teleportation was alteration back in 2e if I recall correctly and not conjuration as it is in 3e.
The logic behind it is that the creation of energy was evocation while the creation of matter was conjuration. Teleportation doesn't involve creating anything, just changing where it is, so that's alteration.

I used to have a book from a game called Bloodshadows, it had an interesting method in it's magic system. Every spell had a skill component and a power component. The skills were similar to evocation, abjuration, alteration, and conjuration, etc. The powers were along the lines of pyromancy (fire), geomancy (earth), aquamancy, necromancy, vitomancy (life), and so on. Creating a golem under this system was a conjuration:vitomancy spell because you were creating the life force that animated it. The default fireball was evocation:pyromancy but there was a half page "sidebar" called 'Focus on Fireball' that detailed something like six other ways to make fireball spells. These included versions like an alteration:chronomancy that brought ashes back to fire, a conjuration:photomancy that used light, and a something:necromancy that used trapped 'corpse fire' (a magical St. John's lightning-like effect from graveyards) to make the fire.