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    Zorella seemed to have been debating how to best answer Asheroth when the knife plunged into her neck. The maimed succubus' body convulses violently as Zorella dies shaking in Eltain's arms. She turns to look up at Eltain, and though her lips move no sound comes out.

    The rest of the group, waiting back with the Ruesti, hear only faint traces of dialogue as Zorella's fate is debated, but when the dagger goes in all eyes quickly shift to Slick. Even as the succubus takes her last breath, the familiar twists and writhes as if in unbearable pain. The darkness in the snake's veins seems to pulse briefly in time with Zorella's fading heartbeat, but slowly seems to slow. Slick's thrashings last only an instant, but to Pavick it seems to last a lifetime. Eventually, the convulsions stop. Slick raises his head, apparently exhausted, and looks up at Pavick. The snake is now a normal size again, and there appears to be no trace of the blackness in the serpent's veins. Slowly, Slick slides back up the sleeve of Pavick's coat, and resumes his normal perch around the gnome's arm, soon falling fast asleep.

    It doesn't take long to light Zorella's corpse on fire, and soon the air around the portal is filled with a thick black smoke that stings the inside of your eyes and brings on fits of coughing in all the living creatures near-by.

    Once the embers of the devil's body die out, Ramyallil looks at the group of survivors in front of him. "Come. The house of Corellon Larethian will be eager to hear your news."




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