Myrddin lets out a loud whistle, and then a few seconds later Rabbit appears beside him. Myrddin gestures towards the Rooftops, and Rabbit blinks on top of a building. Rabbit starts teleporting from rooftop to rooftop, Myrddin keeping a fair distance behind him and letting him take the lead. Myrddin and Rabbit are both looking for signs of any more monsters

Survival checks:
Rabbit (1d20+5)[25]
Myrddin (1d20+8)[19]

Rabbit (1d20+6)[23]
Myrddin (1d20+12)[24]

Myrddin will not engage a fight until he sees what is facing
After about five minutes of searching the town, Myrddin will begin to move to where the cloaked figure gesrured. He constantly checks to make sure he is not followed, and in particular is keeping an eye out for Ryan's familiar. If he spots it, he will acknowedge its presence and cast speak with animals to converse with it. He asks Rabbit to shadow him and make sure no one is following.