Hello All,
I managed to pick up a copy of M&M 3rd Edition from work for cheap,
(Employee discounts for the w00t)
anyways, I've been reading and re-reading the crap out of this system, but since no one else in the group plays and I've been reading and skimming 'til my eyes bleed, I'm just a bit worn out and having trouble answering a few questions... (though I answered one of them whilst typing because I'm still reading, I'm just getting eye blood on some of the pages now :P)

Anyway I've never made a character, I've never played this system or any previous M&M and I'm relatively new to Pen and Paper gaming in general so some of this may just be stuff I overlooked or something in there.

A) Are abilities limited by power level?
I.E. Using Fighting and Strength as my example, is there any reason I can't put 20 in Strength and 0 in Fighting (as to not exceed attack bonus/damage limitations)
B) is it possible to have abilities/skills that might normally exceed these limitations as long as attacks are artificially limited (such as what the paragon seems to be doing by having 2 extra str but only when lifting or doing non-attacking str stuff... does this have to be done through the enhanced trait power?)
C) speaking of the paragon... how the heck am I supposed to read that? it looks like he's got 12 str and enhanced str 10 and fighting 8 which adds up to 30 not 20? (does something similar with stamina)
D) what is the difference (if any) between permanent enhanced ability and just spending 2 points on raising that ability?
E) what's the difference between the "strike" power and the "damage" power?

I'll probably have more questions later, but my group won't be rolling our first characters for 2 more weeks so I feel like attempting that will generate some questions.