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    good day to all you Stick Figures and Figurines,

    I am Polmac, I am roughly a quarter century old, and have moved in the military a few times. This time, I'm in the Most northern city in North America. Yellowknife, NWT, Canada.

    I love my job, but find there aren't many players in the city. Either that or they are all hiding under rocks.

    I have played 3.5, and 4e D&D. I have also played Alternity (it spawned Serenity the movie) so I have an idea of all the D20 style playing.

    I am currently DM'img D&D4e campaign for a couple of my co-workers, and they seem to be enjoying it.

    Anyways, I will say Hello Playground people, I will try and not pull hair.
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