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    OOC: Peter please pick a different colour for your words - it's annoying to read.

    As Revan addresses Adolamin, he turns from his pondering. "Hmm... I am perfectly fine keeping the townsfolk orderly for the near future. However I must question if we are somewhat too presumptuous of the safety given by the destruction of the disease." Pausing, he scans his surroundings briefly, then turns to again look at Revan. "I will stay here and calm the people. If you wish to head towards to Burgomaster's house I won't stop you, but I do suggest caution. Be wary, I fear the worst may not be yet over."

    With that, Adolamin turns to go speak to the people of the village.

    Adolamin goes and begins speaking to the villagers, letting them know that he believes the worst is likely over, but it is not yet fully safe to wander around yet. His speech is brief, but afterwards he goes around to each of the villagers attempting to maintain calm and lack of fear.
    As well, he shall be keeping an eye out for Ishmark and Ashlyn.
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