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Thread: Hello and Welcome New Members, Thread 10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strawberries View Post
    Hello, Heilmut Von L.! I'm from Italy as well (even if I live in UK now), as are a lot of other playgrounders.
    Are you planning to come back, sooner or later?

    Quote Originally Posted by rredmond View Post
    Glad I read you sig I was going to do the fanboi "whoah is that Gary Gygax giving you a thumbs up hug??"
    Great picture!!
    't was back in 2000, we won the Italian national AD&D tournament, and Gygax was the special guest of the Convention.
    It was like a dozen xmas all packed together.

    Quote Originally Posted by zagman505 View Post
    Hey all!
    It appears you have not received your scheduled welcome, so here I am! (hugs)
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    Great analysis KA. I second all things you said
    Quote Originally Posted by JoeYounger View Post
    Great analysis KA, I second everything you said here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ryu_Bonkosi View Post
    If I have a player using Paladin in the future I will direct them to this. Good job.
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    THIS is proof that KA is amazing
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    Killer Angel, you have an excellent taste in books
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    Historical zombies is a fantastic idea.