As the title says. I have a lot of ideas for plots for mangas/comics. However, my art skills suck. Not just in a minor way but in a "wow, this sucks beyond any kind of salvation" way.(OOTS, despite using stick figures, has higher quality visuals then I can yeah.) As a result, none of my ideas have ever seen the light of day and I have become extremely depressed over this fact. So much it has in the past invaded by schoolwork and personal life to a significant degree. But anyway....enough on that. I don't want to get into personal issues. What I do want to do is put out there that I am looking for somebody who would be willing to partner with me to make a comic of some kind.

I have plenty of ideas, settings, plots ect... but they would take up too much space if I listed them all here. As a result, I will first ask if anybody is even interested in working with me and, if they are, I will start shooting out plot ideas either in this thread or via PMs or Skype. If nobody responds to this then I will keep editing this thread to include plot ideas until I generate some interest.

Anyway....I am desperate. I am depressed, frustrated and at wits end about the fact that I have all these ideas I can do nothing with, and I would greatly appreciate any help I could get. If somebody out there would be kind enough to help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, don't be fooled by the tone of this post, I am not always this serious/dark. I really am a fun person and I'll be far more upbeat when we work together. It's just this is something that has been eating at me for a while. Anyway, if anybody out there would like to hear some of my plot ideas and concepts and see if they want to work with me PLEASE post here.