Ava'yorn, thurirli! Vi petranaswin ekess tafiaf wux shio!

Hello, comrades! A pleasure to meet you all!
I am Alexhandr, and it is good to be here. I have only very recently started reading The Order of the Stick. Quite comedic. I laugh every strip.

I am a "hardcore" gamer, though I am not competitive. Saying that, I am EXTREMELY good at real time strategy games, but losing is of no matter to me. I play a lot of games no one has ever heard of, because I am hipster like that.

I jest. The games I play are simply amazing and it is a pity most are unsupported via online play now and the only way to play a lot of them multiplayer by a Virtual Private Network.

Anyway, enough blubbering!

Xurwkar itov jiakali!
Maker love all of you!