Q 477

Can anyone point me towards a background that fits this fluff?
Paladin of Ioun sent undercover within a Cult of Vecna, becomes tainted, and is now fighting to redeem himself for the actions he had to take to maintain his cover.
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Per RAW? Any of them, I would imagine. The "good" ones because his actual background is of a good Paladin. The "bad" ones because of his time in Vecna. All the others, because of whatever the background is. This is more a question that should get its own thread - its subjective beginning to end.

So I asked in the Q&A because I didn't want to have it suggested I do it there, turns out I thought backwards. So, now I post here. Anyone have a good suggestions? Chaladin MC Binder, I am not asking for mechanical benefits because I'm not familiar with all the different things Backgrounds can do.