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Basically this for me. Anything past 25 ABY (start of the NJO) can go, no question. I'd like to see EU canon stay the same up through 19 ABY (the surrender of the Empire and the end of the Galactic Civil War) since as I said before most of the stuff up through there is actually good, but as long as they don't screw up the high points (Thrawn, Centerpoint, X-Wing series, etc.) I could deal with a few retcons here and there.

I think I read that they're setting it 10 years after RotJ, which would put it in 14 ABY right around the Jedi Academy trilogy. The two big events in the "good" books after that are the Corellian Insurrection and Black Fleet Crisis, so as long as they just ignore those instead of explicitly retconning them that should be fine.
There's an underlying question that probably detemines everything and that's whether they go with recast existing characters or go for a new generation. Right now I take anything we might "know" or hear about this Episode VII to be written in sand below the tide line, not stone. Whatever the Mouse may have planned it still has to get through the nitty gritty of getting to a working screenplay with director, cast, and start filming. I think the biggest single decision will be whether they recast, or go for a new set of protagonists.

If they go for a new generation then you can quite possibly put the EU up to point into continuity. And it would let them do certain things like have the original cast cameo in-character. Mark Hamill showing up a bit to be the Obi-Wan or Yoda would be very cyclical and appropriate to the series. And doing this would at least allow the EU to be retained to a point, though does lock in certain things.

I suspect that the powers that be will find that a little binding (even aside from the EU) with a less sure bet and be looking to recast Luke/Leia/Han/etc. And once you do that then I think there's no really saving the EU as the movie would undoubtedly need to deal at least once with what's going on. I'm sure there would be some Fan Wank to try and save stuff... but its hard to see the standing definition of tiers holding up which would rob the authority from the EU most of all. At that point... yeah time to put it down.

When I'm being completely honest though I think that I only need certain conceptual elements brought over. Now while admittedly SW has always been different I think the superhero movies show that you can modify elements of the mythos and still be well regarded. I realize I don't care so much about actual events as long as the characters and I hold in high regard remain.

Essentially arrive at a relationship similar to say the DCU and the DCAU, where though the latter shares no continuity everyone generally still feels in-character. If relationships and characters stay intact the events can work themselves out and it all still feels true and valid. SW is now in all likelihood going to have to transition from a single canon into a more conceptual mythos.

I still fanboy enough I think to find the idea of doing say... the revived-Palps with Thrawn as the Dragon conceptually made of awesome and ripe with appeal. The sort of thing that can both work for the general populace, but amounts to big love letter to long term fans for their devotion. This is pretty thoroughly impossible with existing canon though.

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Well, personally, if they make Thrawn and TIE Fighter have unhappened, I'm done, as those were by far the best bits of Star Wars. (NJO and onwards is already uncanoned for me anyway, so I really don't care about that end.) They might get a pass if Thrawn (and Mara) appear in some recognisable form, otherwise: nope.

And unThrawning seems the most likely happening, because he's not a sith, and thus doesn't have a shiny lightsabre or superpowers to wave around (and thus likely to be far too subtle/different a villain to those in most other SW non-EU-or-Clone-Wars-cartoon villains.)

If they do unThrawn Thrawn, the only way they'll get any pennies from me again, like period, is if they have a serious starship battle (because I will forgive almost anything for a serious starship battle); but I'm talking like, ten-twenty solid minutes of massed starship combat, without any lightsabre duels getting in the way (because starships have been and always will be infinitely cooler than laser-swords.)
I would say that is the great potential of this deal. The biggest problem with SW this century has been Lucas himself. If he's sufficiently cordoned off from the project then we can actually a fresh vision brought to bare on the series. Maybe even one that remember that the original movie's climax hinged on a space battle and not lightsaber fights.

Now admittedly Thrawn is unlikely to be the Big Bad. Even Zahn himself made up a Force oriented threat in C'boath as that sort of personnel conflict is very much a part of SW too but not something Thrawn is conceptually well suited for or should ever be in.

Admit it though you probably like the idea of him playing a (technically) supporting villain role character intact, and maybe even getting to survive to cause even more trouble going forward yes?

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I agree on one stipulation: Jacen's fall to the dark side was the stupidest fall I've seen since Vader's. Fix it.
I figured that was implied. The Solo kids (all three), Ben, and Mara all live to see their grandkids of course. They don't have to die of old age, but they sure as hell go out like bad assess. All the original cast can die of old age when appropriate though.