Market Street

That is a notion. Another is that maybe elements of this world differ from those of my own such that no etheric component is needed to draw out their properties? I only wish I'd brought more from my home to put to testing. A slight frown pulls at the edges of the Wizard's smile, more than a little anger mixed in there. But that is no matter. I am sure if I put my mind to it I shall find a solution before my visit here is done. Assuming he can ever find a way to leave. That too is something that troubles him, but, this he doesn't let show.

East gate. Nine of the clock. He repeats, filtering out the modern slang as he commits it to memory and nods in agreement. That would be a good time, yes. For the salt gathering or for this other work? Tucking away the new potions he reaches into one of the many pouches in his coat, a slight rattle of metal confirming coinage within. And how much for these potions?