I've got a vague idea about a sort of sub-setting involving the Fae. It's designed to be a low magic, Exalted-free sword-and-sorcery premise. Essentially, we have a miniature "pocket Creation" out in the Wyld made by some Raksha Lords to entertain themselves. Perhaps it was created at the time of the Balorian Crusade, maybe from stolen pieces of Creation itself. Maybe some Unshaped dreamed the whole thing into being.

It's the size of a continent, with landmasses and seas. It has standard day and night cycles, seasons and so forth. It has breathable air (for mortals) and the usual life cycles. In most respects it functions as Creation does.

However, there are no spirits there (not even elementals), and no iron anywhere. There is a human population - survivors taken during the Balorian Crusade and the occasional extras taken from Creation and brought here from time to time.

There are no Exalts of any kind; perhaps they were careful to take those with little of the Blood of the Dragons in their veins. Perhaps this place is so far outside the skeins of Fate that Lytek isn't aware of the people living here. Who knows, either way, no Exalts. Mortal magic does not work here (ie no thaumaturgy; undecided whether Terrestrial Martial Arts still do).

To the Fae themselves, it is home - they can use Shaping, can take on and cast off physical forms at will, regain Essence as though in the Wyld. Some of them might have set themselves up as "gods" or the like, receiving worship, veneration or at least placation from the mortals trapped here.

They have all the magic, the only non-Raksha who have anything else are their half-blooded offspring (who have what are minor talents with glamours compared to their Fae parent).

That's about as far as I've got. It's otherwise Exalted as usual. I wonder if there should only be one city as a sole "point of light" in the place, otherwise surrounded by barbarism, or if it should be a more regular collection of vying city-states with vast tracts of wild lands around them.