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Thread: Goblins IX: For that, you shall DIE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fwiffo View Post
    Reading OOTS would do. Even the worst written OOTS strip is far less cringe-worthy than what passes for dialog in this strip.

    The "sunny day" shtick, while not *all that* great in absolute terms, was still way better than usual fare, so I hoped there was some improvement. Guess not.
    If you hate it that much, why do you even bother to write in a forum about it? I'm sorry, but you are not making any sense.

    Simple solution if you do not like it: Do not read it. Easy, huh?

    Goblins is awesome and the dialogue or the story and characters are, in general, not much better or much worse than those of OotS. While both are pretty good, let's not overhype OotS as well, it also has its shortcomings.
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