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Thread: Goblins IX: For that, you shall DIE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyckspoon View Post
    ..good question. Is there Word of Thunt on that somewhere? If not, then pages like (non-combat scene, so you get a size comparison that isn't affected by dramatic camera angles) would put Biscuit at a bit over twice the height of a Viper-clan goblin. Which is on the bulky end of Medium, but still inside Medium- the size ranges are kind of really broad.

    ..hmm. Tracking back further shows that the Vipers first referred to Biscuit as 'Large Orc', and he himself says the Roak were the 'largest orcs', but that still doesn't confirm actual Large size. If I had to guess, I'd say Biscuit's appearance corresponds more to perhaps a Powerful Build Orc subrace.
    Yep, that and other pages tell me he is medium. A large, as in big, medium, but nowhere near the as much size difference as between humans and cats.
    I wouldn't even say Powerful Build. He's never been shown using a weapon that would be ungainly in a medium creatures hands of his apparent build.
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