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I agree with both of you. with soon dead, the sapphire guard has no other informations except the coordinates, and no way of locating the gate.
I just say I find strange that girard believed he could fool soon (remember, he was expecting soon to come knocking at his door in less than 3 months!) that way.

The idea that the canyon was just another nameless place and was named in the last 60 years would explain that. soon would have been able to track the gate only if he could ask around for windy canyon
You know, I've been thinking about this for a bit now and after pondering for a while I wouldn't be at ALL surprised to learn two things:

That Girard swapped the coordinates while Soon wasn't around because at this point he basically hates him. (Okay, maybe not HATES, but is mad enough at him to try and blow him up)

and secondly and probably more importantly

He KNEW that Soon would probably expect him to use illusions to hide the gate/canyon... hell Soon knew he would because that is how Shojo knew (remember, in the crayon drawings he talks about how Soon would use paladins to guard the gate, Girard illusions, etc. etc.) So, Soon would go to those coordinates and not see anything and then he'd cast detect magic or true seeing and find the rune and inadvertantly blow himself up, EXACTLY as the OoTS did.

They went to the coordinates, said "Hmm, that Girard guy is a master of illusions, let's use our detect magic, true seeing, etc. to find the gate... oh look! Magical rune symbol thingy!" *KABLAAM!*

So I predict that is how that would have gone down if Soon had gone looking himself or sent some paladins to find it.