Sitar's Strings - Roberts

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[Sitar's Strings - Roberts]

Roberts rubs his chin thoughtfully for a moment, considering the proposal.

An interesting one, to be sure, but he looks a little uncertain.

"It's something I can work with, for sure. I do have a couple of concerns though. The first is a minor one, but worth mentioning. Namely that regardless of how legitimate the research is, and you can be sure I would ensure my work is done as thoroughly as possible, there will be accusations of fraud. While anything strictly above the law would prove fruitless, some people might go beyond that. I highly doubt they'd succeed, but it is something that could delay things quite substantially. My second concern is more serious, and one that may raise more problems with any published results. Superiority is a rather vague term. Whatever standards we use to determine superiority could be challenged quite easily. It could cause an almost endless debate, require constant repeat tests with different standards. Other people might try to do the same thing to prove us wrong."

Roberts shakes his head, "What I'm saying in a nutshell, Mr Starling, is that this is something that could take decades. Claims that the results are a fraud will at most delay things, but serious scientific opposition could drag it out for a long time. If you want the results to be accepted quickly, you're going to have to find a way to silence anyone capable of doing that."

"I have... associates... who are willing to do things that are not strictly legal. Of course it is quite difficult to silence anyone permanently. Sometimes they come back." Starling says.

Laneside Bowling

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Lanside Bowling

Justin shrugs. "I don't really know. I figured we would each just clean something then move on to another thing when we were done. I know I'll have to vacuum for the carpets. Other than that, it's all just wiping and dusting and mopping. Especially the bathrooms, but we can save that for-" THUD!

Justin dashes straight to Tito. He isn't yelling in pain so he's probably fine. Justin hefts the ball back to it's place. "Careful with the balls Tito. You probably guessed, but they're really heavy. I've got lighter ones you can try later," he says. "And Lily. That's not particularly dangerous, but you're going to ruin your socks that way." It would also be a foul in bowling.

"Wow. Why would anyone want to play with a ball that is that heavy?"
Tito asks.

Lily completely ignores Justin and continues sliding on the lanes. Actually, I think she's just squealing in fun too much to hear.

"How about starting with the kitchen?"
Brand says. Have to take care of the important things!