[Sitar's Strings - Clareckyberissa]

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Oh no! Scott's getting away!

Clarissa would menacingly hover over Mister Starling and growl "This isn't over!" at him if Becky weren't tempting her so. But with Becky's trip ending as it did...

A minority of Clarissa, Wrath and Gluttony, craves the termination of Emily using the telephone cord for the purposes of irony! The other five have reached a consensus that they thirst for Scott's phone and Becky. Lust and Pride are the most outspoken sins in this debate. Lust demands Becky at once to surfeit her appetite while Pride calls for the phone so that Clarissa's reputation as top predator should remain intact. They soon compromise and chaos ensues.

Lust recklessly attempts to bounce across the restaurant, pounce on Becky, and make-out with her! She's trying to channel a month's worth of her brand of magic into Becky as she naturally would. Meanwhile, Pride attempts to blink (warp space culminating in a series of quick teleportation over a short distance) Lust and Becky into the back of the Sitar's Strings!

This probably won't close the gap between the girls and Scott, but at least Pride gave it a go!

Presumably Clarissa turns Becky over before making out, considering she landed on her front. However the shadowcaster certainly isn't objecting to anything Clarissa does to her. Returning it in spades!

...and also keeping just enough willpower ready for shadow portaling out if the fuzz arrive and they're still there...