[Market Street]

"Salt first." Nephea said as she held up a few fingers to denote the amount for the potions. "Might as well do that first as I think it'll be the hardest and.. Well, it was what we talked about first after all. Sequence is important although I think that's mostly because it's been drilled into me from my apprenticeship." the catamander said with a wry smile.

"I'd also suggest you dress for hot weather. It doesn't look like it but the places around here can change climate on you pretty quickly if you aren't paying attention. Heck, I've even seen a desert bordering a taiga tundra once. Ever seen caribou trying to eat cactus? It's crazy." she said. "Ah! And try to pack as lightly as you can. And soft shoes! It sounds strange, I know, but there's a point to this. Trust me." That would be the end of the advice Nephea would be giving the wizard but unless there were any further questions, then supposedly all that remained would be the exchange of coin.