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    Quote Originally Posted by happyturtle View Post
    Laneside Bowling

    "Wow. Why would anyone want to play with a ball that is that heavy?"
    Tito asks.

    Lily completely ignores Justin and continues sliding on the lanes. Actually, I think she's just squealing in fun too much to hear.

    "How about starting with the kitchen?"
    Brand says. Have to take care of the important things!
    Laneside Bowling

    Let Lily have her fun. Worst thing that's likely to happen is a scolding form her mother for making her socks so dirty. "You roll it," Justin explains. "And because it's so heavy, it'll roll differently if you're off even a little bit."

    Justin, hadn't even thought about the kitchen. He had barely ever gone back there since he doesn't cook. "There's one behind the snack bar." It's filled with pretty much anything a fast-food serving place would offer. A grill for burgers, an oven for pizza, fryers for... fries, and some other stuff as necessary. "I guess we can start we could start there." He was honestly more concerned with the main room since he doesn't even know how to cook.
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