[Sitar's Strings - Beckyclarissa]

Meh. The majority of restaurants I've dined at have stayed the course with wired phones. But come to think of it, phone wire garrotes would be a terrible way to off a mook as the wires are constructed so flimsily this day and age!

But you know what they say... Haters gonna hate!

Clarissa's gonna have to oust these hateful, hateful supremacists another day! This outcome isn't an outcome that she's feeling good about. She'll have to be more discreet next time...if there is a next time, that is.

She'll have to regale Ilpholin with this story soon. Ugh! She's not looking forward to reporting in to Ilph about this half-disappointment... On the other hand, she did destroy their furniture and their carpet. And she stole Brian's top hat! She sincerely hopes that spiteful Starling doesn't have good insurance on his restaurant, but she's sure he did!

But now's not the time to scheme and think evil thoughts! Now's the time to make-out with Becky and maybe consider looping a tendril around Scott's ankles if he is nearby and dragging him back into the darkness of the back alley. Or lightness of the back alley. This isn't the Red Zone with alleys of doom! This is an upscale neighborhood. Bah, who is Clarissa kidding! Scott is probably too far away for the tendrils to trip him without completely revealing her position anyway and with what all went down in the restaurant, she doesn't want to physically touch him! Eww! But maybe...

Clarissa attempts to make use of one of her tails to flick a garbage can lid or some other small object at Scott like a frisbee! Maybe he'll fall over and smash his phone or something! It is a shot in the dark, but Clarissa doesn't have any more energy to spare to devote to stopping Scott from making tracks. Becky is her main focus! Becky is her vice.