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So apologies for the double post, but I have now officially caught up and am here to offer my infinite wisdom.*

First things first, you've been very lucky so far. Thank the RNG for she smiles kindly, and pray that me writing this does not incur her wrath. That said, be more careful with your pokemon. Keep track of how much damage the enemy is dealing on an average attack, and multiply it by three. If your pokemon's health drops to less than or equal to that number it's time to pull them out. Do NOT pull them out if the enemy has a good chance of knowing pursuit. In that case, follow medical advice on how to administer a potion. If your health drops below the reccomended level, but you are confident you can take the pokemon out first you may do so. Confidence follows the SAD principle. Speed to go first, accuracy to hit, and damage to KO. If you are confident all three of these things are guaranteed, then you will never be sad.

There will be plenty of enemies which must be avoided in Nuzlockes while being pushovers in the normal game, among them as you learned in your latest outing is any enemy that carries the risk of poison. Avoid poison early on, for it is the plague upon all Nuzlockes (up until black and white.) Nidorans, zubats, weedles, all must either be run from or dealt with using appropriate measures (special attacks against nidorans, super effective attacks against zubats and weedles.)

Finally, we come to the topic of names. A good way to go if you want to use voting is to look up what routes you will be visiting ahead of time and posting a list of possible pokemon for us to look over. There are other ways, but this seems to have the most success.

Other than that, I'm really enjoying what you've done so far, here's to your continued success!

*Xondoure cannot legally be defined as infinite or wise. Any claims as such are purely for the purposes of comedy and should not be misconstrued as the truth. Following Xondoure's advice does not make him, or parties affiliated with him responsible for future actions. Contact your doctor if you have worsening mental illness within three weeks of taking Xondoure's advice.
Thanks for some great advice, glad you've enjoyed so far.

Yeah, I know I've been pretty lucky. I've had Poseidon out there a few times a bit longer than I should've (HE WAS IN THE RED YOU IDIOT! WHY DID YOU LEAVE HIM OUT THERE!?). I'll need to be more careful in the future. Though, once I train Pokey up, I should have something to fight poison types with, because, correct me if I'm wrong, poison types are immune to poison? So I can always have her front and centre when that's a risk. I also plan to use repels religiously once I've obtained access to them in Pewter.

As far as the nickname, I will probably in the future do a look up and list the areas and candidates for a new team mate. It's not really voting so much as looking for suggestions. Sometimes I do have a good name in mind I'll probably use (if I had gotten a male caterpie for example, despite some good suggestions I was kinda set on going with Absalom), but other times, as with Pokey, I'm a bit at a loss. The only polling I did was for the starting pokemon.