I move out of sight of the daughter, have Ryan remove the spell from me. I call my armor onto me and take out my shield while gently quaffing my hair into a smooth slick ;) I also cast eagle's splendor on myself. I then walk boldly into the room announcing my presence so as not to surprise her.

OOC: I know we got her name at some point and my character would remember it so as not to look like an idiot (again) I will leave "name" where appropriate.

Greeting Lady "Name". I am Revan Thornback, clergy of Pelor, here to recover you and your father and take you to safety. We have a fortified outpost in the centre of town where you may seek refuge if you would like. Ismark has found sanctuary there as well and I should hope to reunite you. We have scattered and defeated many undead so our short path to the outpost should be uninhibited. Pray good "Name" will you join me?

Diplomacy check: