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Reading OOTS would do. Even the worst written OOTS strip is far less cringe-worthy than what passes for dialog in this strip.

The "sunny day" shtick, while not *all that* great in absolute terms, was still way better than usual fare, so I hoped there was some improvement. Guess not.
Eh, I agree that the dialogue frequently leaves a lot to be desired, but if anything I'd rather see him hire an editor. Could help cut down on some of his worst habits as a writer - infodumps, awkward phrasing, a painful lack of subtlety at times, etc. - without noticeably shifting the style of the writing. Plus, the number of times I've read a sentence in Goblins, that features unnecessary commas like this one, is enough to drive a more grammatically-oriented person, bonkers.

A different writer might fix most of these issues. But this way it would still be Thunt doing the bulk of the writing, which IMO is preferable to changing writers halfway through the story. And some of his more awkward dialogue has a charm of its own; I'm no fan of Kin's "exponentially redundant vocabulary", but without it we would have never gotten that line about Takn's "flesh to futility ratio".

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Really? I personally thought that was one of the worst... oh well, different tastes, I guess.
Also this.