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    Because no new material, like the prequels, or the Clone Wars show, or various supplementary materials have ever retconned anything? Seriously, stuff like that happens all the time. The EU goes on. That's an entirely different matter than tossing the whole EU (or very large sections of it) out. I would fully expect the movie to be treated as G-level canon.
    This guy right here has the right idea. The star wars universe is full of crap getting retconed away. Let's face it, everyone knows about the Thrawn Trilogy, right? Well here's the thing, those books feature a scene where Thrawn specifically mentions that the Clone Wars were a clone rebellion that fought against the Empire and were eventually destroyed by the Jedi. Of course fast forward 10-15 years and it's clear that is not the case. Clearly there is no grantee that the new movie will follow cannon, if anything the exact opposite is true.
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