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Aye, the Cannon Turalisj. It be what we be shootin the EU out of.
Or did ye be havin issue with such plans me hearty? Say yer piece and be quick about it, lest ye find yerself gettin aquainted with Davey Jones an' his oft' mentioned locker.

Translation; Spelling mistakes aside, were you agreeing?
Yes, I was agreeing. I like about an equal percentage of the EU as I do the prequel movies. That there is a great deal more of the EU than there is of the movies, just means you have more trash to sift through to find the good stuff.

Sure, you have Mara Jade and Thrawn in the EU. But you also have Marty Stu Wedge Antilles during the X-Wing books, you have a certain character getting a moon dropped on him, you've got numerous inconsistencies, and the literary arms race of each writer pushing out bigger and meaner super weapons.

I think wiping it clean would be the best thing at this point. I love Star Wars, but there's so much junk in the EU that it's best to start from scratch and throw in nods to the fandom's favorites (like Mara and Thrawn).