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I mostly agree, though I'm thinking at least one line there might be a bit controversial with the forum's resident Lich.
And the forum's resident pair of fiendish polyhedrals.

I'm not going to deny that there's a lot of crap in the EU--my Bluff modifier is nowhere near high enough for that--but as I've said several times in this thread the vast majority of the New Republic stuff is somewhere between salvageable and very good, and there's really no reason to throw away the good stuff with the bad. Considering that keeping the good stuff and tossing the old is as easy as setting Ep VII in the 20-25 ABY range, saying everything prior is canon, and blowing away the NJO and everything after that, the only thing to be gained by invalidating the good EU stuff is pissing off the devoted fans.

And they really don't want to piss off the diehard fans this time around. When the prequels came out, my friends asked me "Okay, [Dice], you're the resident Star Wars expert and fanatic, are these movies worth seeing?" Since I'd obviously been reading every press release, watching every trailer, reading all of the between-movies EU books, and otherwise keeping up with everything about the movie, my friends trusted my opinion on whether they were worth watching; if you convince the major fans that Ep VII isn't worth seeing, there's a good chance they'll keep a lot of more casual fans away as well, particularly after everyone got burned by the prequels which is going to make them fairly skeptical this time around.