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As a new poster, this lack of being able to find posts from users... including myself is quite painful.

It's definitely making it harder for me to see if something's been posted a dozen times before.
If you cannot find a thread on something after a couple searches using an outside search engine and checking the threads viewable on the default settings, then the thread you want to create probably doesn't exist*. As such, posting a new thread is the proper way to start a discussion on your topic of choice. Just be sure to put a bit of thought into new threads. I have found that even the most interesting topic produces poor results if it is presented in a haphazard manner.

If you are trying to decide if something has already been mentioned in a thread, reading the thread in its entirety is probably the best way to find if something has been mentioned.

Oh, and finally, welcome to the playground.

*There is probably a level of due-dilligence I missed here.