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    Default MHR-Fury's Secret War IC

    Time-Present Day, 23:46
    New York City
    Doom Pool: 2d10
    Everyone starts with 1pp

    It's been over a year since the tragedy at Stamford, and while the SHRA is still being debated, passions on both sides of the issue are running hot. Banners and graffiti intermingle across the streets of New York as citizens vehemently announce which side of the issue they stand.

    Tonight however, the city that never slept seemed to want a night in. The streets were almost empty, even crime was mostly abated, and anyone out at this hour seemed to be moving quickly, as if to escape the tension grabbing the city.

    Something was going to happen tonight that would change everything.

    Luke Cage
    You feel the world shake, the screams of outrage from those around you. Speedball is tossed through a window glowing bright orange, Spider-man is being covered by the shield of a Black suited Captain America. Finally you look up to the patch wearing SOB who brought you here.

    "The Rainstorm comes down like Hammers." He whispers into your ear...

    You awake to the sound of the phone ringing down the hall. You glance to the side of your bed, wondering where Jessica is before you remember she was in Canada.

    Bewildered by the dream you just had, and confused by what the dream might have meant, you almost miss the voicemail.

    "Luke, it's Colleen Wing. Please pick up! Danny's in critical condition."

    the timeline's fairly fluid right now, so it's your call whether or not Jessica is in Canada reporting for the Pulse, or there to avoid the SHRA like the comics. Also your call whether she's given birth yet or not.

    Out late on Patrol, Spider-man is a bit lost in thought over his recent conversation with Tony Stark. Tony was offering him a position in Stark Industries' fledgling biochemical division. Highly paid, good hours, a boss who understood his 'tardiness' and no Jameson, it sounded too good to be true.

    But the fact was, it was too good to be true. Peter knew how awful Tony had been feeling after Stamford, and how he was getting a lot of pressure to throw his support behind the SHRA. If he joined Stark Industries, would he have to sign the SHRA? And would that be so bad? He wouldn't need to hide the truth from Aunt May anymore for one, but still...

    Penance and U.S. Agent
    Since the attempted assassination 8 months ago, Penance has been under SHIELD protection 24/7. He hasn't been let out of their special holding facility since then, but tonight was a special occasion.

    2 hours ago a man contacted SHIELD through a secure channel and claimed he had information on the location of Nitro. The man said he would only divulge his information to Speedball, and if he met him at Grand Central Terminal at midnight. If he sees any SHIELD Agents however, the deal is off. The man identified himself as Night Thrasher.

    The U.S. Agent, has been working with SHIELD since before Stamford, and as the closest Super Agent during this time period, is assigned to watch over the proceedings. Under his command are a squad of 4 agents, with more ready to arrive if he calls in via communicator.

    The Terminal has been closed off from the public, and all trains have been ordered to go elsewhere until morning. The agents are waiting for orders on how to be positioned.

    The two superheroes are waiting in an unmarked truck outside the station. Your aware you have about 15 minutes before the meeting is due.
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