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    Quote Originally Posted by factotum View Post
    It was made clear that the tower containing the throne room was built specifically to be able to contain the gemstone and the gate. The rift itself was a couple of hundred feet up in empty air when it was discovered, as the right-hand section of the third panel in #276 shows, so there wouldn't have been any courtiers taken out by tendrils--it was too high up!
    I dunno...Azure's castle and its throne room had existed for long time before the gem gate was created, and we don't know the reach of the Snarl's tendrils...did they really build a castle around the rift without noticing it? Also, Soon's wife perceived there was something weird before being killed; did the many court mages and high priest visiting and/or working in the throne room really never noticed the rift? I would expect them all to have their magic sensing spells "on" while in the throne room (searching for spies, scrying sensors, imposters, charmed people...etc.).
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