Sitar's Strings followup

I figured three months of pay for a part time teenage waiter who doesn't get great tips seemed reasonable for the latest high tech smartphone. I could have mis-guesstimated.

Emily's mother, Jan, is the manager of the restaurant. Starling is the owner. Jan was involved with the lunatic cult leader Charlie before he martyred himself and Starling took over to try to clean up the Humanists and make them less Mansonesque - change them from Chaotic Evil to Lawful Evil. Jan was sane enough to make the transition without making problems for Starling. Linda wasn't, so she got sent off on a suicide mission to harpoon Magtok.

Laneside Bowling

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Laneside Bowling

Sounds delicious, bet it smells delicious too. "Oooh, are some of those 'best sandwiches' you guys mentioned in there?" They built that up a ton last time.

"Nah, these aren't that good,"
Tito says, digging into his sandwich. Protip: They really really are. "They'd need to be fresh made for that. These are hours old, with yesterday's bread."