John Walker sits in the van with an annoyed look on his face. He doesn't like playing bodyguard to anyone, least of all some snot nose would-be reality TV star. Six hundred and fifty people died because of this kid's and his friends' little stunt. A whole school was blown away. Now, we had a chance to enact revenge on the real enemy - Nitro. Still, the Super Soldier didn't like baby sitting.

Walker yawns as he stares out the van's darkened window. He eyes the passersby and the terrain, making mental notes of what to do if/when this situation degrades into a fight.

"I don't trust this contact. He's smarmy, at best. My gut tells me this is a trap but far be it for me to question the higher ups on the damned Hellicarrier." The super soldier groans as he shifts his weight around.

"I don't want any fancy heroics in there. We get in, we get out. If there's a fight, don't go crazy. Let me do the heavy lifting. I'm keeping my eye on you, so don't think of running off either."