[East Gate]

What a place.

Rickety old carts come rolling past, axles creaking under the weight of the goods they carry, outraced by clanking, shuddering clockwork carriages powered by strange arcane engines. Mundane horses share a tethering post with leathery, black-winged steeds, huge jungle cats chafing against their saddles, all manner of beasts sharing the same trough of water.

The Wizard is here as he promised to be, early even, watching in utter fascination and doing his best to stay out from underfoot. He's found shelter from the throng in a grocer's stall set just off the main road, buying the ocassional apple to keep the owner from tossing him out as he waits for Nephea to arrive.

Heeding the advice he was given the Wizard has dressed lightly for the coming adventure, woolen cloak and pointy hat left behind in favor of simple breeches, a white shirt and tan vest. The shoes have proven a little trickier though. Not having any that would meet the requirements, he's bought himself a new set of shiny white modern sneakers, laughably out of place in his otherwise archaic wardrobe.