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    Okay, Peter. Lets play pros and cons. This Stark guy comes around and offers you a job.

    Pro: Financial Security.
    Con: Sell your soul to capitalism.

    Pro: The boss is at least as lazy as you.
    Con: The boss is probably even lazier than you.

    And this SHRA business. Well at least I can be honest to you Aunt May then? Well I could be already. So, actually I
    have to be honest with Aunt May then. I guess my reasons, if I still have any valid ones, wouldn't go away by signing a contract with the devil. Well, at least not by signing a contract with Nick Fury.

    On the other hand, I'd be famous. Peter Parker, the Spider-Man. Those sexy coeds would come flying at me! And I'd be the star at school! And everyone who holds even the slightest grudge at me - everyone obviously - will go after Aunt May. Or MJ. Or anyone I care for. Actually, after everyone I know, caring or not. Because they can.
    And because they are bored. I bet they are bored all the time when I'm not around to play with them.

    Okay, no big reveal for Spidey - for now. Besides, then I'd have to make pictures of Spider-Man
    and Peter Parker because no one can get them right. So much work!

    Spidey keeps rambling on as he swinglines through downtown New York.
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