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Kribulkin Street

Well, way back Ekkehard tried to gently grip the sides of Latella's head, but I didn't get a reply.

Instead, Ekkehard rolls his eyes and tries to punch Latella between hers. He's far stronger than he looks. When he was turned from glabrezu into human only his shape changed; his strength did not.
((Oops.... I swear I thought your post said "baps her on either side of her head" >.< I guess grabbing her made more sense in context... sorry ))

Latalla is punched square in the face. She stumbles back. This music starts playing, seemingly from out of nowhere.

Them's fighting words!

She raises her fists, then collapses in a heap on the ground. This music plays and a shower of copper coins rains down around the gathered arsonists. As well as several flasks of weak potions of healing, a rusty dagger, fifteen bat wings, and one "rotting bear carcass". Any of the current PCs might also level/gain XP, but only if they swing that way.

Latalla remains out cold for the time being.

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[Dinner and a Pony]

"Haha! If you wanted to use unicorn magic you would need a horn," Sigil laughs before pausing to eat some more tasteh veggies. "But over the course of my research I've discovered that unicorn magic is actually quite similar to using psionics with a dorj as a focus."

A pause.

"Uuhh... A dorj is a special rod made of crystal that helps to focus your mind. And I believe that anyone can learn to use some form of magic. Even if it's one of the more mundane kinds."

He gives a rather wide smile. "See, that is my discovery. The idea I've been working on. Any time you Will the world around you to change and it does? That's magic. It's just that many kinds of magic are so common place that people don't think of it as magic. To most magic is only the extra-ordinary or the flashy. But stomping on a see-saw to launch a ball into the air is just as magical as using a wizard's staff to blast it up with a gust of wind."
If that is the case, how do you reconcile the preservation of energy with things such as magic wells? Or are you implying that the laws of thermodynamics would only apply to a small subset of magical energies? And if so, what determines which of the magical forces are subject to the physical laws of the universe?

Terref's children roll their eyes and start eating.