[Sitar Strings - Run Away!!! ]

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I...I feel kinda bad for Scott. Three month's pay?! Geeze! Maybe the warranty hasn't expired but... Three months? That's... Wow... Mighty morphing power rangers popular mobile phones in the Nexus must be very, very expensive or Scott's salary must be very, very small!

On that same note, I just realized that there's no minimum wage in the Nexus. But working for Starling probably pays unbelievably well 'cause he's evil and rich and above all, fashionable! Top hats are classy thus Brian Starling is a classy man.

Mini-boss sounds about right! Emily has been trained in the martial arts, after all, and she stood up to Clarissa to some degree. I wasn't aware of the fact that Emily's mother had appeared onscreen before! For my own curiosity's sake, is she a violent or a nonviolent human supremacist (among her crowd)?

"No place...home."

Lust purrs, echoing Becky's susurration to the best of her ability. She's too busy to recite the phrase in full, and I'll refrain from belaboring the reason why more than I already have.

Mission complete! Next up, curtains (probably). Take it away, Becky!
Becky will indeed open her shadowspace window, depositing the two of them directly into her room at AMEN.

Henceforth, curtains!

And then, once those happen, she'll be mauled by the vengeful ghost of continuity, as she's already at AMEN just later in her timeline.