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Thread: Gunnerkrigg Court 3: Mystery Solved!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belril Duskwalk View Post
    Sure the tale of a blond witch who can take a spear to the gut would spread. But without anyone seeing her survive something that should kill her, she's just another blonde woman as long as nobody from the old town catches up with her. Anyway, assuming my Theory 2 was correct, she would have changed her appearance shortly after the guard failed to stab her to death. She just felt that busting the spear and walking away was the more expedient path to finding a new place than feigning death.
    Perhaps, but the incidents shown would hardly be the only only incidents.
    Also, even in many parts of parts of Europe in a per-industrial state, a blond woman would be worthy of mention, and how much more so outside of Europe.
    Quote Originally Posted by Belril Duskwalk View Post
    HOWEVER, I just did a bit of an archive binge and found some more convincing evidence that I am wrong. The Langdon Estate. If she can alter her appearance on even a human-age scale, she clearly would have had no trouble pretending to be old, thus allowing herself to keep the Langdon Estate and avoid being arrested as an imposter. THAT, I can't explain. Theory 2 executed.
    Which is exactly the page I linked to when I first raised my objection to that theory in post #722.
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