(Just say if Mai "reads this alound", if so then everyone can read it)
To my Wonderful Helpers,
I see you have found a wonderful gem of a treasure from your little outing. Even I had no idea that you would find anything like this. Very impressive. Of course, being an ancient power has its benefits, like being one of the few that can still read and write in this language. In fact, if I am talking about cheese and sheep, I apologize, I haven't used this language in well over a few centuries.

Well, moving along with the point of this little letter. Come back to the castle, for we have many things to talk about. I have sent an escort for you all. There have been some.....complications, that have arose since you left. Please take Nolan at his word, he is a good man and a good soldier. He will bring you back to me safe and sound. Have a safe Journey and as soon as you get back, all of you will have something waiting for you here.