Luke Cage

Luke shakes his head, partially to clear the last of the cobwebs, partially at Danny's stupidity.

"Chill, chill Colleen. What happened? Which hospital? Never mind. Text me the details. I'm on my way now. Stay calm, I'll be right there.

He hated hanging up on a friend. But he did anyway.

What on earth was that idiot Danny thinking? Their current case wasn't that critical that he had to go and get into a scrap with whoever put him down.

Luke shook his head again, he was glad Jess wasn't around to watch him run into something stupid. Again.

He should have taken up Richards' offer of permanent spot on the team. FF had flying cars fer God's sake. At least then he wouldn't be running after his dumbass partner at godawful at night.

He threw on a leather jacket to keep out the chill in the air, not that he felt it much anymore. He carefully locked the apartment and put his keys in his pocket as another hideous thought hit him.

Where in the heck was he going to get a cab in this neighborhood, at this hour?

Luke Cage shook his head and growled under his breath. Looked like he was in for a long run.