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    Penance and US Agent

    Quote Originally Posted by Felhammer View Post
    John then taps his comm and talks to his SHIELD Agents, "I want you guys to hang back, don't come in unless I say so. Even if there's a fight, stay put. I am in command, am I clear?"
    The radio communication comes back after a moment with a, "Crystal sir." Whatever Director Hill's feelings about Superheroes may be, her agents know how to follow orders.

    A general survey of the area reveals that the Terminal appears Completely Deserted with naught but a few Abandoned Trains to litter the area. Despite the lights being on, the figure of the man you were supposed to meet has only now appeared. He is dressed in a long cloak, and appears to be in a wheelchair of some kind, although you can't make out his face.

    When you (and/or Penance) eventually walk within his sight he demands, without looking up, "I said I would only speak to Speedball. Where is he?"

    Luke Cage

    As you get out the front door the text from Colleen comes through:
    Danny was found in civilian wear. He had deep lacerations across his chest, and was choking on some sort of gas when the ambulance found him. The paramedics said he seemed to be suffering from electrical burns as well, before they took him to the closest hospital. Misty was his emergency contact-she told me all this before she got on her motorbike and rode off. Even riding like the damn Ghost Rider she'll take at least an hour to get there.

    The address of the hospital is one only a few blocks from your neighborhood. That however is very strange, because the case you were both working on was on completely the other side of town-nowhere near that hospital. What was Danny doing near here-and what or who could do this to him?

    As you walk down the tense streets you feel a sharp gust of wind blow across your back setting off car alarms all around you. Are you imagining things or are you being watched?


    As you ponder on what Mary Jane would think if she knew u were picturing sexy flying coeds, your spider-sense brings you out of la la land in an instant. Leaping with the experience of a decade ling crime fighter, you determine the source of the danger is on a rooftop almost right next to you.

    From a safe distance, you squint at the roof Above the New York Skyline you see a crumpled purple figure surrounded in a pool of blood-apparently it's own. After a moment though you recognise the individual as the Prowler, an old friend and fellow Wallcrawling Superhero. He groans loudly in pain, but despite The Ominpresent sense of Danger your certain Prowler isn't the source.

    OOC: Incase it isn't clear the bold phrases are Scene Distinctions. Again I plan on another group post but once we get to an action scene I will be introducing an initiative order, even though your in different scenes.
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