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Puts X at 18, +/- 2 levels, given standard duration. But this was before Rich started throwing around epic spells, and before he wrote SoD, so X could have gotten a retroactive power-up in the meantime. Too, a moderately escapable forcecage may have reduced duration as well as reduced anchoring. So, nothing definite.
Rich started throwing around epic spells at the end of the battle; when Xykon used the "hippy headband" to cast Cloister.

The Xykon and Miko "exchange of information" would have been long after he upped Xykon's level, if indeed that's what he did.

Similarly Xykon's talk with Roy would have been long after that. Or in other words, Xykon doesn't give reliable information about his level.

That's over and above the problem of him actually having a reason to lie, i.e. his plan was to let Miko escape and run back to her crew of Paladins. Letting her subtly know he was level 16-20 simply can't be taken at face value.