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    Default Re: The Culture explores 40K II: Now With 100% more Fanfiction

    Quote Originally Posted by Gavinfoxx View Post
    Oh right... sensor data for firing the guns, hmmm...

    Yea, that will be difficult. So is the ship blind during this method of FTL? I don't know much about Culture tech, I just know that sensors of 40k ships are unrealistically bad, due to genre conventions.

    IE, they don't follow the realistic stuff that it should be quite easy to target lightspeed weapons if you have a functioning computer and that stealth would be hard and such...

    It's more a matter of "These ships have enough guns to hit any target at any approach angle given a long enough time to fire.", than an issue of "These targets are hard to hit."

    Also, if Dawn of War games are to be taken as canon, then Warp Travel can be done into Segementum Obscurus in three days from the forge world of Mars.
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