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    Default Re: The Culture explores 40K II: Now With 100% more Fanfiction

    And skilled Chaos Admiral? Well, maybe.

    Maybe skilled at doing the particular type of war that Khornate focuses on. Or maybe he has sufficient strength of personality (ie, ability to cow everyone else) that he rose to the top. Or he was more effective at ruthlessly backstabbing other people.

    Seriously, play some of the Dawn of War games where you play as Chaos. Khornate generals are often caricatures. They are generally only competent due to massive, overwhelming ability to localize extreme amounts of brute force (ie, demons or whatever) and raw power where other groups can't do the same.

    And filling the sky with fire... that won't be lance fire. That will be, you know... macrocannon and macrocannon battery fire...

    And I'm not saying that the DoW games are canon, but that they can show patterns of things and are hints to things that can be considered relevant for this thread, albeit through the distorting lens of the game.
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