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Oh right... sensor data for firing the guns, hmmm...

Yea, that will be difficult. So is the ship blind during this method of FTL? I don't know much about Culture tech, I just know that sensors of 40k ships are unrealistically bad, due to genre conventions.

IE, they don't follow the realistic stuff that it should be quite easy to target lightspeed weapons if you have a functioning computer and that stealth would be hard and such...


And skilled Admiral? Well, maybe.

Maybe skilled at doing the particular type of war that Khornate focuses on. Or maybe he has sufficient strength of personality (ie, ability to cow everyone else) that he rose to the top. Or he was more effective at ruthlessly backstabbing other people.

Seriously, play some of the Dawn of War games where you play as Chaos. Khornate generals are often caricatures. They are generally only competent due to massive, overwhelming ability to localize extreme amounts of brute force and raw power where other groups can't do the same.
This is a fluff-realism descripincy. After all if Khornate generals are only capable of bloodlust and charging in blindly then how do they ever win a war? Particularly in space where there isn't any blood to be had. I imagine that Khornate Admirals are very very rare. Particularly of a fleet this size. I've read two examples of Khornate ships fighting, one of a individual Frigate which specilized in boarding to the point where it could take on cruisers and win and a Khornate fleet. The fleet used normal and actually quite good tactics to fight. It's eventual fatal mistake was ignoring the lightly armed civilian ships, allowing them to surround it while it pursued and tried to kill the crippled Imperial Cruiser.

And that was of a fleet that was much smaller then this one. (I think it had one cruiser and six frigates by my memory.) This admiral is commanding a much bigger fleet and should be proportionally more skilled.