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    Inside this room there is a row of four bodies on the ground, one apart from three others. It appears to be a storefront for some form of general goods store - foodstuffs, farming equipment, etc. This close to the gate, it is a store that provides goods to those who come in to resupply on items they cannot acquire themselves.

    No staff are in evidence, but there are two soldiers standing near the counter, talking quietly (small talk).

    The room is rectangular, and you are in the far, bottom left corner. The stairwell up is directly in front of you, and the...
    ah, hell... Map There. Also forgive the drawing. It took awhile to draw. I'm not entirely sober. So I'm proud of the drawing... But I couldn't think of how to explain the room fairly to you. The shelving is the black rectangles. Stairs up right by your door. Two guys next to counter. Bodies are all covered.
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